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Trading any financial asset is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Always do your own research and analysis before purchasing or selling any financial asset. Income is in no way guaranteed and you may lose money by trading stocks and options. The purpose of our platform is to educate students on various types of trading strategies, not to trade for students, provide signals, or in any way tell people specifically what assets to buy or sell.

The views and opinions expressed in the HighStrike group chats, FaceBook Group, Zoom calls and published videos by students, instructors, or others are only for discussion and educational purposes and shall not be misconstrued as financial advice. No decision to trade any financial asset should be made without doing individual research, and any decision to trade a financial asset is completely the responsibility of the trader.

Buying, holding, and trading cryptocurrency is inherently risky and should be treated as such. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that fluctuate in value rapidly and can cause significant financial losses. Any choice to buy or own any cryptocurrencies discussed in HighStrike content is solely the decision of the user. Always do your own research and due diligence before purchasing or trading any cryptocurrency.

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